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Indian Gem Lab

Indian Gem Lab is the largest organization grading finished Jewellery , natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds and gemstones . Indian Gem Lab created the modern laser-inscription process, for Jewellery Identification Reports, Indian Gem Lab have specialized equipment to detect gemstone treatments and determine natural or lab-grown origins.

One of the most beautiful things in the universe are the gemstones which depict the beauty of the nature. These have always been the desirable things for everyone since olden days. May it be related to luck or fortune or lavishness. These precious stones have always been greeted by the royal families by studding the rare gems in their crown or by any human being in their rings or garlands.


Ruby Planet : Sun

Ruby: The name Ruby comes from Latin 'Rubrum', which means 'Red'. Manikya, Suryakant Mani are synonyms of Ruby. Rubies vary in color and brighten in strong light.

Pearl Planet : Moon

Pearl is the most valued of the organic gems. Its ancient name is Mukta. A Pearl is a very special and exclusive gift of nature considered universally as the oldest known gem.

Coral Planet : Mars

Coral is an organic gem that comes from reefs and atolls. Its ancient name is Vidruma. The most valued Coral is the noble red Coral seen here (Corallicum rubrum). The color is uniform

Emerald Planet : Mercury

Emeralds are known by their distinctive green color and can vary from light to dark green. Its ancient name is Marakata . All Emeralds contain inclusions formed during their growth.

Yellow Sapphire Planet : Jupiter

Yellow Sapphire is a well known gem in today's market. Colors vary from light yellow to golden and honey yellow. Generally people considers Topaz is synonym of Pukhraj (Yellow Sapphire),

Hessonite Planet : Rahu

Hessonite is a variety of Grossular Garnet. It has good luster and can be transparent to translucent. The color is orangey-brown and black. These gems are often given step or mixed cuts.

Cat's Eye Planet : Ketu

Cat's Eye is the name given to the variety of chrysoberyl which beautifully displays the phenomenon of chatoyncy. Its ancient name is Vaidurya. The numerous inclusions line up to form very fine,

Diamond Planet : Venus

Diamonds adamantine luster gives a beautiful 'fire' or sparkle to the stone. Its ancient name is Vajra. Value is determined by a grading system that rates color, clarity and carat ( A unit of Weight )

Blue Sapphire Planet : Saturn

Blue Sapphire or Inder Neelam is known for its striking lustre and color which range from light to very dark blue. Blue Sapphires may be given a variety of cuts; the most common being the oval cut.